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Publishing and promoting children's books

Gia Jean’s is a hybrid-publishing company, and a department of Winn Publications. Our authors are vetted, pay for the book publishing services up-front, receive a higher than traditional royalty rate, professional publishing, online global distribution, publish their books sooner than traditional publishing and never have to publish alone again. We follow IBPA’s Hybrid-Publishers Criteria. Download the PDF here

We vet our authors based on their involvement or willingness to get involved in their communities and the messages of their children’s books.  

The 12 types of Children's Books we publish

Picture Books


Folklore & Folk Tales

Science Fiction

Historical Fiction

Realistic Fiction


Graphic Novel

Easy Reader

Spiritual & Religious

Chapter Books

Young Adult Books



Packages & Services

Our Publishing Process

Our process may differ based on the publishing package that the author chooses or is offered. 

1. Submit Query Letter OR PITCH YOUR BOOK

The best way to reach us is at You may submit all query letters and any documentation of your involvement in the community. You can expect a response in 5 to 7 business days. We vet our authors and make publishing decisions based on the author’s goals, and storytelling skills. You may also pitch your book by completing the form below. 

2. Offer & Agreement

After we have reviewed your query, we will respond with either the next steps, feedback on how to improve your manuscript, or a notice of our roster being full with hopes you’ll resubmit at another time. After you accept our offer we will draft an agreement and proceed after your signature is received.

3. Training

What makes us different from most small hybrid publishing companies? We train all of our authors to be winners. We share our list of training materials as soon as you sign your contract so that we can catch you up to speed while your book is in production. Production for publishing could take 2 months to a year depending on which path you choose. 

4. Book Cover & Design

Depending on the path you’re on will determine whether or not your book will need a cover design. Many of the authors who we help publish already have a cover design in mind. While we want to honor that it’s critical to make sure that your books are comparing well with other authors in your genre at the traditional houses. We make sure our authors are on task. 

LAYOUT AND DESIGN. Your manuscript will be laid out into a beautiful custom design by one of our interior designers once you’ve approved your final cover design and accepted the changes the proofreader has made to your manuscript. You will have a chance to review the manuscript and correct any formatting mistakes and other small errors that become visible once a book is designed and actually looks like a book. A given manuscript typically goes through two to three rounds of changes after it’s laid out.


Typically as soon as we have a cover design we begin to promote your book and get your readers excited about it! We use a combination of digital marketing and advertising offline. Amplifying your voice not only in your community but nationwide and in some cases internationally! No matter what path you take, we promote all of our authors.


All authors publishing or republishing with us will have their final manuscript proofread before going to publish. This is to catch stylistic errors, typos, and grammatical errors. Our ultimate goal is that every book is professionally designed, therefore we strive to publish error-free books. We go through this process with our authors. Requesting every author’s approval before publishing provides high-quality assurance of an error-free book. 

7. Distribution

Your new book is available World- wide in print and ebook and distributed to popular platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble! We also encourage you to consider publishing your book as a hardcover and/or audiobook to reach more readers and to amplify your voice and your message.

8. sell

Not only do we publish amazing books, but we publish books that sell and do well in their respective markets. Providing our authors with a full spectrum of services’ authors have their books sold in our online bookstore, W.E. Bookstore and Publisher.


The Authors who we work with are a part of their communities in one way or the other. This is important as we believe in making a positive impact on the communities that we live in. Our commitment in action looks like finding opportunities for our authors to speak to the press online and offline. We create press releases and media kits and distribute them WITH our authors (you know your community better than we do, therefore we’ll need your help.

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