What is Hybrid Publishing?

The hybrid publishing model of Gia Jean’s is unique in the world of publishing because it offers a much-needed alternative in a rapidly changing publishing industry. Our hybrid model has traditional distribution, and manuscript vetting. We are members of IBPA and stand by their Hybrid Publisher Criteria.

IBPA’s Hybrid Publisher Criteria

  • Define a mission and vision for its publishing program
  • Vet submissions
  • Publish under its own imprint(s) and ISBNs
  • Publish to industry standards
  • Ensure editorial, design, and production quality
  • Pursue and manage a range of publishing rights
  • Provide distribution services
  • Demonstrate respectable sales
  • Pay authors a higher-than-standard royalty

Here are the top 5 reasons why authors love working with us:

  1. Professionalism. We are in the process of creating a team of industry experts, led by publisher Arilia Winn, who brings 6 years of publishing experience. Our books are professionally designed and stand against other books in their genre.
  2. Distribution. We have traditional distribution with Ingram Sparks. Giving you a wider range to reach. You won’t find this with many other partnership publishers.
  3. Marketing. From the time that you sign your contract we will begin to help you with marketing your book. Most other hybrid companies only offer a years worth of marketing before you and your book are set on the back burner.
  4. Cash flow. Authors are entrepreneurial partners at Gia Jean’s. They invest in a publishing package up front while keeping 70% of net on print books and ebooks. You won’t find this anywhere else.
  5. Team Work. Authors get the best of both worlds with us: they are collaborative partners who get creative control while benefiting from the perks that come with traditional publishing.