Gia Jean's Hybrid Publisher for Children's Books & Child Authors

As a hybrid publisher Gia Jean’s is different in the publishing industry because we are neither traditional publishing nor are self-publishing. We are right in the middle offering our authors another option.

Self-publishing platforms like our sister company Miss Winn accept whatever comes through. However we use a high quality vetting produce to select ALL of our authors to ensure that they and they work are well received in the marketplace. All of Winn Publications’ author receive marketing and promotional assistance and support  immediately upon signing the GJ Agreement. 

Why Gia Jean's?

Because of Our Mission & Our Goals

The mission of Gia Jean’s is to serve children by supporting their reading and writing dreams. We specialize in publishing children friendly content.

Our top 5 goals: 

  1. Publish 60 children’s books by adult and child authors between Fall 2021 and Fall 2022 – how we work 
  2. Receive $9,000 in sponsorship funds to support 30 child authors for fiscal year 2020/2021 – sponsor a child author 
  3. Ongoing partnerships with schools and teachers to bring our program to their classroom in person and virtually.
  4. Ongoing partnerships with nonprofits to our program to the families with children that they serve.
  5. Obtain and retain high quality freelancers, interns, and volunteers on our team.

1. Higher Cash Flow

Authors invest in a publishing package while keeping 70% of net royalties. 

2. We're Professional

Working with high quality freelancers and volunteers lead by Miss Winn who has 6 years in the publishing industry. 

3. We Give Back

Offering publishing scholarships to children between the ages 6 years old and 18 years old. 

4. You're Maintain Control

We simply professional partners who team up with you to make your dream come true and your story come to life.